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December already

Our generation still vividly remembers that thrill of discovery when we alighted on something fresh on the radio. A new pirate station in the North Sea; a way of stopping Radio Luxembourg crackling; the launch of a new local commercial station; a new artist on Saturday Club; or sneaking a radio into school so you could hear the chart rundown on a Tuesday lunchtime.

Life moves on - and there are now hundreds of radio stations - but for us, this latest Boom Radio adventure is hugely exciting.

I'm David Lloyd and my partner in crime is Phil Riley. We're Boomers. We've been privileged to have done what we love for decades - working in radio with both of us starting out as the humblest of DJs - then ending up running radio stations for reasons we cannot quite remember.

Our last escapade in radio ended about four years ago and we then half-retired with one of those portfolio careers alongside a lot more time for ourselves.  But you know what it's like. I bumped into an optician the other day who'd retired - but then she couldn't  stay away, so she's back staring again at that dReARy chart.  Many Boomers are like that. In a world which seems to suggest Boomers should quietly move out the limelight, many of us feel we have much too much life left to live - and are probably better equipped to face challenges than ever before.

Recognise the symptoms? We've got all of them.

We also felt that maybe radio was beginning to leave our generation behind too. It's all great, and there are some hugely sucessful stations offering a better range than ever - operated by many people we know and respect - but if you happen to be over 60, you can sometimes feel that they're only just humouring you as you sit in the corner at their party.

So, we're planning Boom Radio. On-air in February on DAB in several places, and online across the UK, with the ambition to grow the DAB footprint. We've done all the research you'd expect - which, frankly, produced few surprises given we recognise the feelings of our generations. We also talked to loads of people - and there's no subsitute for that.

We'll be a music radio station, so work's now underway on building the record library. In your notes to us, there've been a few pleas suggesting that we should not just play 'a few songs on repeat', so we won't. As for the blend we play, we're seeking to make it interesting. Not just an endless stream of nostalgia, although there'll be loads of oldies, but also touching on more recent material too - providing it doesnt sound like your washing machine on spin.

The list of presenters is almost complete - and we plan to share those names with you in a few weeks, a little closer to launch. They've all been on the radio before and we'd be surprised if you don't know many of the voices. What's been amazing is their enthusiasm - just itching to do what they do best. We've also a few surprises too - and, alongside the music, there'll be a few features and chat about this, that and - as we are all grown ups - the other. We're blown away by the number of people who've approached us with interesting ideas.

We are also aware that one cannot please all the people all the time - and in an ideal world we'd all have a radio station each - but we hope we come close.

Thanks for your interest. We're a small team working on this project night and day - not a huge conglomerate - and it's great to work with a few old friends again (all Boomers, so hundreds of years of experience between us!). I'll also invite them to pen a few words.

Do sign up for our Boom Radio newsletter too as there'll be news in there - alongside other topics you might be interested in.


David Lloyd

Boom Team




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