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February Blog 2022

Hello Boomers, this is Diana Moran – or you might know me better as the Green Goddess?

At 83 I know it’s never too late to make our health better – even little changes make big differences.


  • Taking the stairs rather than the lift
  • Walking to the next bus stop – and maybe walking a little more each week
  • In fact, find every opportunity to move more
  • Drink more water – a glass more a day makes huge differences – then, when you’re comfortable with an extra glass a day, then step it up to 2 glasses up to 8
  • Get enough sleep
  • Make plans that don't revolve around eating or drinking
  • Prepare breakfast ahead of time
  • Fill up on fibre
  • Put more veggies on your plate

These and more tips are at my website www.keepfitandcarryon.com


Now, February is the second and shortest month in the Gregorian calendar  with 28 days in common years, and 29 days in leap years.  February’s birthstone is the beautiful amethyst, which symbolizes piety, humility, spiritual wisdom and sincerity.

Irrespective of whether it’s your birthday it’s a good time of year to apply some wisdom, sincerity, and common sense in order to help yourself to better health.

In cold winter weather it’s essential to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, full of vitamins to help ward off colds and flu.  “Juicing” the fruit and vegetables makes a pleasant, palatable alternative, ensuring a high intake of protective vitamins.  

After the excesses of the recent Festive Season give yourself a break by giving up alcohol for the month.   Not only will your liver benefit, but the whole of you will perk up, physically and psychologically.   And don’t forget - alcohol is fattening - so going without will help get you back into shape! Disorders of the eyes, skin, joints, heart, hair, digestion and some cancers, are just a few of the health problems that are linked with alcohol abuse.

Discover the positive cleansing effect that drinking 8 glasses of water a day has on your body.

With Spring around the corner now is the time to put a spring in your step, to keep active and to get back into shape.   Even though it is cold outside, ensure you take a brisk half-hour walk 3 times a week. Being active makes your body and complexion glow.  So take advantage of any opportunity, any time to simply skip, play tennis, swim, cycle, garden or take the dog for a walk.

And finally with muscles warmed  take time to stretch out your entire body! 

Welcome to Boom Health – I look forward to your questions and hearing your thoughts

Love Diana

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