Nicky Horne's Perfect 10 Special

Which song for you is pure perfection? No questions. Just everything about it is, well, perfect.

To which one would you award a Perfect Ten?

Since Nicky Horne began his Perfect 10 spot earlier this year, he's received a good number of fascinating suggestions and featured one each day at 5.30 in his afternoon programme.

Such is the success of Perfect 10, that Nicky's preparing a special show devoted wholly to them. 

If you've written in during 2022 and not heard yours featured yet - you could be lucky in his New Year Perfect 10 special.

If you've yet to choose yours - just relax and enjoy two hours of true musical perfection.


Nicky Horne's Perfect 10 - New Year's Day - Sunday January 1st at 6.00pm


Send in your Perfect 10 suggestion here for 2023.





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