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Easy Listening Round


Question 1

Glen Campbell used to be a backing singer and guitarist for which West Coast group?

  • A) Mamas and Papas
  • B) Eagles
  • C) Beach Boys

Question 2

As well as being a great singer, Karen carpenter was also an accomplished ____?

  • A) Guitarist
  • B) Pianist
  • C) Drummer

Question 3

Jonny Fontane, the fictional singer in the film The Godfather, is based on which real life crooner?

  • A) Tony Bennet
  • B) Al Martino
  • C) Frank Sinatra

Question 4

Who was the first African-American singer to host a US TV series?

  • A) Nat King Cole
  • B) Louis Armstrong
  • C) Sammy Davis Jnr

Question 5

Which singer started out as a boxer, nicknamed "Kid Crotchet"?

  • A) Perry Como
  • B) Dean Martin
  • C) Frankie Laine

Question 6

Which award winning song writer was once married to Carol Bayer Sager?

  • A) Burt Bacharach
  • B) Jerry Leiber
  • C) Jimmy Webb

Question 7

Which songwriter won three Oscars in one night?

  • A) Oscar Hammerstein
  • B) Marvin Hamlisch
  • C) John Williams

Question 8

Which female Singer gave herself the title "queen of the blues"?

  • A) Ella Fitzgerald
  • B) Billie Holliday
  • C) Dinah Washington

Question 9

Englebert Humperdinck’s real name was ____?

  • A) Arnold Dorsey
  • B) Ray Dorset
  • C) Lee Dorsey

Question 10

Where was Demis Roussos born?

  • A) Greece
  • B) Cyprus
  • C) Egypt


Trivia Round


Question 1

Who replaced Diana Ross as lead singer for The Supremes when Diana went solo?

  • A) Florence Ballard
  • B) Mary Wilson
  • C) Jean Terrell

Question 2

Who once claimed Smokey Robinson was America’s greatest living poet?

  • A) Paul Simon
  • B) Bob Dylan
  • C) Neil Young

Question 3

For most of their history, how many members have the Temptations had?

  • A) 4
  • B) 5
  • C) 6

Question 4

Who was Marvin Gaye’s first female duet partner?

  • A) Kim Weston
  • B) Mary Wells
  • C) Tammi Terrell

Question 5

The Jackson Family came from which city?

  • A) Detroit, Michigan
  • B) Gary, Indiana
  • C) Memphis, Tennessee

Question 6

In the Commodores Hit "Nightshift", which famous soul singer wasn’t name checked?

  • A) Jackie Wilson
  • B) Marvin Gaye
  • C) Sam Cooke

Question 7

Which Famous Motown star recently served as an elected Council Woman for the city of Detroit?

  • A) Martha Reeves
  • B) Diana Ross
  • C) Mary Wilson

Question 8

The Beatles "Please Mr Postman" was a cover of an early hit by which Motown Girl Group?

  • A) The Vandellas
  • B) The Supremes
  • C) The Marvelettes

Question 9

Who was Motown’s original owner?

  • A) Ahmet Ertegün
  • B) Sam Phillips
  • C) Berry Gordy

Question 10

Where was Rod Stewart born?

  • A) Inverness
  • B) Glasgow
  • C) London


1960s Round


Question 1

Which American duo holds the record for most billboard top 100 hits?

  • A) Simon & Garfunkel
  • B) Righteous Brothers
  • C) Everly Brothers

Question 2

Singer Patsy Cline died at the peak of her success in 1963. Was her death due to ____?

  • A) Plane Crash
  • B) Car Crash
  • C) Train Crash

Question 3

The Tornadoes 1962 hit Telstar was produced by which gifted sound man?

  • A) George Martin
  • B) Phil Spector
  • C) Joe Meek

Question 4

60s star Lesley Gore later composed academy award nominated songs for which movie?

  • A) The Commitments
  • B) Footloose
  • C) Fame

Question 5

Which 60s hit Motown singing group actually had an unchanged line-up from 1953-1997?

  • A) The Temptations
  • B) Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
  • C) The Four Tops

Question 6

Chris Andrews had a hit in 1965 with yesterday man. But which female 60s star did he write a string of hits for?

  • A) Dusty Springfield
  • B) Lulu
  • C) Sandie Shaw

Question 7

What was Mama Cass prosecuted for in London in 1967?

  • A) Driving without a valid U.K. licence
  • B) Stealing from a hotel bedroom
  • C) Marijuana possession

Question 8

Bobbie Gentry was once married to which comedian & musician?

  • A) Jim Stafford
  • B) Ray Stevens
  • C) Allan Sherman

Question 9

Who produced Mary Hopkins 1968 debut "Those were the days"?

  • A) John Lennon
  • B) Paul McCartney
  • C) George Harrison

Question 10

The 1969 hit "Aquarius/Let the sunshine in" was a hit for the 5th Dimension. Which musical was the song from?

  • A) Jesus Christ Superstar
  • B) Hair
  • C) West Side Story


1970s Round


Question 1

England’s 1970 football hit "Back Home" was written by which highly successful songwriting duo?

  • A) Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman
  • B) Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway
  • C) Bill Martin and Phil Coulter

Question 2

1971 Bubblegum pop track "The Pushbike Song" was a hit for The Mixtures. Where were they from?

  • A) USA
  • B) Canada
  • C) Australia

Question 3

Who had a hit in 1972 with a reworked Coca Cola ad?

  • A) The Searchers
  • B) The New Seekers
  • C) The Jackson 5

Question 4

1973 saw Peters and Lee debut on the charts. But which famous rock drummer was Lennie Peters related to?

  • A) Ringo Starr
  • B) Ginger Baker
  • C) Charlie Watts

Question 5

Andy Kim’s biggest hit, "rock me gently" was released in 1974. Which earlier bubblegum hit did he write and perform on?

  • A) Sugar Sugar - The Archies
  • B) Yummy Yummy Yummy - Ohio Express
  • C) Simon Says - 1910 Fruitgum Company

Question 6

The 1975 Bee Gees hit Jive Talking was taken from which album?

  • A) Main Course
  • B) Children of the World
  • C) Spirits Having Flown

Question 7

Starland Vocal Bands "Afternoon Delight" was a 1976 hit on the windsong record label. Who owned that label?

  • A) Harry Nilsson
  • B) John Denver
  • C) James Taylor

Question 8

In 1977 the first single to ever sell more than 2m copies in the U.K. was released. Was it ____

  • A) Don’t Give Up On Us Baby - David Soul
  • B) Don’t Cry For Me Argentina - Julie Covington
  • C) Mull of Kintyre - Wings

Question 9

Caribbean stars Boney M were riding high in the charts in 1978 with "Brown Girl in the Ring". Who was their European composer/producer/Svengali?

  • A) Giorgio Moroder
  • B) Frank Farian
  • C) Harold Faltermeyer

Question 10

1979s "Bang Bang" was BA Robertson’s first U.K. hit. Although the hit was recorded in a Estuary English accent, Where did BA actually hail from?

  • A) Belfast
  • B) Cardiff
  • C) Glasgow

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