Boom's Only Request Show!

Which song would you like to hear?

Maybe an old favourite, something to cheer a friend, or one you feel you haven't heard for ages.

I'm Paul Robey and I'd love to play your choice - for you or your family and friends. 

Drop us a line - and listen-in to our Sunday request programme each week. If it doesn't turn up straightaway, stay with us in future weeks - you may still be lucky!

Boom's only request show - Sundays 6.00 - 8.00pm.

  • Ask for a request

    Tell us the one song you'd love to hear - or play for someone you care about.

  • TV Heaven

    Which was your favourite ever TV theme tune? Drop a line to Paul



How to listen

You can hear Boom Radio on DAB+ across the UK - or 'Alexa - Play Boom Radio'.

For more info - or how to find our other stations, just click the pic.



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