I've a question on the ads I hear


Why do you play so many ads?

Actually, we play a lot fewer than most commercial stations, and we plan to stay that way. 

The amount has not grown much since launch - but we’re delighted that a greater variety of major advertisers are now choosing Boom now. That volume is needed - if we are to survive.

Boom receives nothing from the money you pay the BBC for its radio services - so we need to play sufficient ads to pay the bills. Radio is an expensive business - with fees for presenters,  technicians, producers, admin staff - and to the artists and musicians whose music you hear. There are huge fees too for transmission on DAB and online - plus marketing if listeners at large are to hear about us.

No ads - no Boom. Fewer ads - still no Boom!


Why are ads repeated so much?

The majority of Boom listeners - like those of most stations - dip in and out. Many listen for under an hour a day. Those who plan ad campaigns want as many listeners as possible hear their commercials sufficient times to recall the message.


I don't like one of the ads - can you stop it?

The majority of the ads you hear on Boom are not sold directly by us. They are bought and sold across a whole host of stations and we are but one of them - and not all listeners hear the same ads

So - we cannot control which you hear. Sorry!


Why are some of the ads not aimed at people my age?

We don't choose them.

The majority of the ads you hear on Boom are not sold directly by us. They are often bought by agencies who buy campaigns across many radio stations aimed at different audiences. We get swept up into those. A little like ITV, where you see products which you feel aren't relevant - advertised in a variety of styles.

Thankfully, they still pay the bills for the station you’re listening to.


Why do the ads have fast gabbling at the end for the 'small print'?

Certain announcements are required for legal or compliance reasons - just like 'small print' on posters.  If not spoken quickly, they'd  take up so much time that few advertisers would bother using radio for marketing!

Boom believes that many announcements serve little purpose to consumers and are disproportionately onerous. We - and others - have made representations, but it's outside our control.

And it's outside our control, given most of the ads you hear are not sold directly by us and we do not produce them.

And - whilst we agree some can sound daft - they still pay the bills!


Can I pay a monthly fee and have Boom without ads?

We are not equipped to deliver that at present sadly and the infrastructure would be too complex and expensive for our stand-alone station.


How do I complain about an ad as I think it breaks rules?

Drop us a line.

How to listen

You can hear Boom Radio on DAB+ across the UK - or 'Alexa - Play Boom Radio'.

For more info - or how to find our other stations, just click the pic.



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