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Boom Radio seizes crown for most loyal UK music radio listeners

  • Boom Radio, the station launched by veteran DJs from their bedrooms, lofts and garden sheds has increased its listening by 16%* over the last year, as disaffected listeners continue to leave BBC R2 to hear more music of their generation.
  • Boom listeners are also now the most loyal of all UK music radio stations, according to new research
  • But Boom’s success is tainted by news that the BBC is pushing ahead with its plans to launch a BBCR2 spin-off station online aimed at the baby boomer market which could threaten the future of Boom Radio.

Over the period of just three years after it was launched by veteran DJs broadcasting from their bedrooms, lofts and garden sheds, a radio station aimed at baby boomers has almost quadrupled its listening***.

Boom Radio was founded by Riley and David Lloyd — veterans of the British radio industry — who spotted a gap in the market for a new music radio station aimed at poaching disaffected Radio 2 listeners. It operates with a programme spend of just 1% of Radio 2’s budget.

The station — which plays music mainly from the ‘60s and ‘70s and proudly targets those aged over 55 — has increased listening by 22%** over the last year in that age range.

602,000 adults now listen each week, according to the latest official research*. And by tuning in for 11.7 hours per week, Boom Radio listeners overall are the most loyal of all music radio fans.

Much of Boom’s success is thanks to its veteran presenters playing hit records from their generation. It has also increasingly attracted big names to present specials including Jenni Murray, Sir Tim Rice and Jo Brand.

Boom Radio’s presenters — with an average age of 70 - include David Hamilton, Simon Bates, Graham Dene, Nicky Horne, Roger Day and Judi Spiers. Many of them were persuaded out of retirement to help get the station on-air.  

How to listen

You can hear Boom Radio on DAB+ across the UK - or 'Alexa - Play Boom Radio'.

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