Hello London!

This is an important announcement ONLY if you listen to Boom on DAB in the London area.

As we announced through December '23 to January '24, we have changed frequencies.

Please try to find 'Boom Radio UK' on your list of channels. Boom Radio UK uses the new DAB+ method of transmitting which we hope your set can receive.

If you cannot find/hear Boom Radio UK, please click here.

If you are wondering why we made this change, please read this.  We think you'd have done the same were you in our shoes.


There's a great range of new radio sets which can receive DAB+, including some excellent models from our friends at PURE. Do check them out here. Radio sets these days look great - and pick up stations in many ways.

Of course, you can also continue to listen to us online via Alexa or Google - or on your phone, laptop or tablet. More information about these ways is detailed here. There are ways too of hearing us in your car.






How to listen

You can hear Boom Radio on DAB+ across the UK - or 'Alexa - Play Boom Radio'.

For more info - or how to find our other stations, just click the pic.



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