I want to comment on the news bulletins


Why do you have hourly bulletins?

Radio listeners are accustomed to hearing news on the hour. There is no requirement for us to carry the updates, but every time we research the topic, the overwhelming view is that they are useful.


Why is some of the content not relevant to our age group?

The bulletins are not produced by Boom. They are produced by Sky for Independent Radio News and are carried by many stations aross the UK - largely serving younger audiences. We believe that much of the content, nevertheless, is relevant. In time, we are hopeful we may be able to produce our own bulletins.


Why are the bulletins read so quickly?

The bulletins are carried by many stations aross the UK - largely serving younger audiences. The style, therefore, sometimes reflects that. We are hopeful that, in time, we may be able to deliver our own bulletins.


Can't you change the newsreaders?

No.  We do not select those - and listeners to different stations will have different expectations of style and approach.  Rest assured we do let the providers know your feedback!


Why are the bulletins biased?

They're not. You will hear views you do not wish to hear. Radio bulletins (unlike press) are required by law to be duly impartial. 

If you believe the coverage of a certain story across bulletins is not duly impartial, then let us know of that specific example and when you heard it. You may also complain to Ofcom. You will, however, hear things you disagree with on the bulletins - and governments of all complexions will be held to account. Due impartiality is measured too across a series of bulletins, not one in isolation.


How to listen

You can hear Boom Radio on DAB+ across the UK - or 'Alexa - Play Boom Radio'.

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