News about us

Welcome to the world of Boom Radio - a new UK radio station created by Baby Boomers - for Baby Boomers. Music and chat for our generation.

We're currently getting ready - and you can hear 'test transmissions'.

We launch on February 14th - and we'd really appreciate your suggestions for the first song we play officially at 10.00 a.m . Drop us a line!

Looking for other ways to listen besides this app? This should help.

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How to listen

You can hear us online wherever you are - on your phone, laptop, PC or tablet. 

On your smart speaker, it's 'Alexa - Enable Boom Radio' or 'Hey Google - Talk to Boom Radio'.

You' can also listen in on DAB in many areas of the UK including London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Portsmouth.

Need to know more about how to find us? Check our guide here.



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