Nicky's Perfect Ten

Nicky's Six of the best

Each afternoon, Nicky Horne plays a tracks one Boom listener would award a Perfect Ten to. But which would he choose?

6. Frank Sinatra - I’ve Got You Under My Skin. There was magic in the air when this was recorded - the perfect example of the fusion between an orchestra and an artist where the energy of the Orchestra powers the artist to new heights, recorded in one glorious, magnificent take.

5. Peggy Lee - Fever. It’s not the notes they play , it’s the spaces in between - wonderful atmosphere.

4. David Bowie - Where are we now. This arrived out of nowhere after years of silence, recorded when he knew that his time on this earth was short. The nostalgia he evokes, looking back at his life knowing it was soon to end, is truly a remarkable piece of work.

3. Beatles - A Day in the Life. Nothing was the same again in music after this came out.

2. Steely Dan - My Old School. They are known as being OCD when it comes to their music, perfectionists to the point of madness, so I could pick so many of their tracks but this is a great example of wry lyrics and precision playing that isn’t forced.

1. Pink Floyd  - Comfortably Numb. The peak of their powers both as writers and musicians, and the personal friction between them, particularly between Gilmour and Waters makes itself heard in the passion of the guitar solo.

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