Top Prime Ministers

In our recent survey, we asked Boom Radio listeners to rate the Prime Ministers over the last sixty years in terms of leadership ability.

This is how the voting stacked up overall.

1. Margaret Thatcher

2. Harold Wilson

3. Edward Heath

4. Jim Callaghan

5. David Cameron

6. Boris Johnson

7. John Major

8. Tony Blair

9. Rishi Sunak

10. Gordon Brown

11. Theresa May

12. Liz Truss

The survey also indicated 53% felt the politicians of today lack the gravitas and skill compared to previous generations.

46% suggested their voting intentions in general elections had stayed consistent over the years, with 19% saying they'd changed from the party they'd supported when younger; 31% 'changing from time to time' and 4% 'often switch around'.

(Sample 2548 Boom Radio listeners - Boom Radio/Smartsurvey June 2024)











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