I've a question about a programme or music




Can you help me identify a song I've heard.

This may help. Click and select the hour when you heard it. Unfortunately some may be missed out as they're identified automatically - and we play a huge range including many surprises! Any issues, drop us a line and we'll try to help.


Why do you play the eras of music you do?

On Boom Radio, we try to address the tastes of  the wide range of Boomer ages. Our research suggests the '60s and '70s are the most popular decades, so we lean most heavily on those on Boom Radio, but sprinkle in some '50s/Easy tracks and a dash of some newer material.

The music on Boom Light and Boom Rock addresses rather different tastes and allow us to dig deeper into those specific eras and genres.


Can't you play more '50s?

Try our sister station Boom Light, which plays Easy, '50s and Standards music - all day long!


What about more '80s music on Boom Radio?

We play a little, particularly from the early '80s, but if that's your favourite decade, maybe try dipping into stations like Greatest Hits Radio, Heart 80s or Absolute 80s.


Why do you play some current music?

Since we launched, we've always played one new or recent song about each hour. Many listeners tell us they like being introduced to some newer tracks. They're carefully selected to complement the rest of the music we play - and we receive a lot of enquiries about them.


I've heard one oldie/artist played a lot

Good! Listeners love their favourites - and we need to play the most popular tracks/artists sufficiently often to ensure they are heard - as the majority of listeners listen for under an hour a day. But, you'll still find we play them much less often than other stations - amidst a really rich variety of other tracks.


You are repeating songs more often now.

Nope!  We've always repeated songs. Maybe you're less surprised to hear a great gem once you've already heard us play it. If we never repeated songs we'd be down to the dregs by now!

Most importantly, listeners like songs they know and it's our job to make sure they hear their favourites when they tune in. So, we have to play them often enough, otherwise they won't.  Remember - you bought songs so that you could hear them more than once - and paid to hear your favourites on a jukebox.


Why do you play some current songs frequently?

They're not frequent compared to many stations! We do play them more often to help all listeners get to know them - just like your favourite oldies. Sometimes it takes a few times of hearing a new song before it really clicks. And, whilst we love loyal listeners, most people listen for under an hour a day.


I've heard you get paid for playing some songs

That's illegal. We get no money for playing them - they are just like every other record - we pay to play them for you!


I've heard some songs are cheaper to play than others

No. We have to pay the same amount for them all.


Why do you have news every hour?

There’s no obligation upon us, but our research amongst thousands of listeners confirm that the bulletins are valued.


Why have you changed your music policy on Boom Radio?

It's actually the same recipe as when we launched - with the same spread of eras and musical genres across our general programmes. We are playing many more different records though as we add to our collection, and the rich variety we play.


Why don't you announce the songs on Boom Light/Boom Rock?

We do on the presenter-hosted programmes. As the stations grow, we hope to have more presenters on-air who will help!  Meanwhile, you can check back on most of the tracks played by clicking here.

How to listen

You can hear Boom Radio on DAB+ across the UK - or 'Alexa - Play Boom Radio'.

For more info - or how to find our other stations, just click the pic.



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