Programme Features

  • Your Song

    Tell David Hamilton which song reminds you of meeting your partner

  • School Call

    Tell Graham what you remember about your old school and put it on his map

  • Mystery Voice

    Who do you think the voice belongs to? Drop a line to Graham Dene

  • First Record

    Which was the first record you bought? Graham Dene can play it once more

  • Your First Dance

    Which song did you have as first dance at your wedding? Share your story with Judi Spiers

  • TV Heaven

    Tell Paul Robey about your favourite TV theme

  • Requests

    Fancy a song playing - for you or for someone you care about? Drop a line to Paul Robey for our weekly request show

  • Dad's Song

    Which one song reminds you of your dad. Do tell Rob Jones

  • First Gig

    Tell Rob Jones all about the first gig you attended

  • Radio Luxembourg memories

    Share your thoughts about Fab 208 with Rob Jones - he was on the station

  • Your First Car

    Which was your first car? Share the story with David Lloyd

  • Perfect 10

    Which track would you award a 'Perfect 10' to? Let Nicky Horne know

  • Les's Novelty Record

    Which novelty record do you remember best? Drop a line to Les Ross

  • Singer-songwriter

    Who should we feature? Drop Jane Markham a line

  • Saturday Night Fever

    Let Graham Torrington know which song reminds you of nights out at a disco or dance hall

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