Welcome to Boom!

We felt that radio stations had stopped bothering to cater for people our age.

So, we created a different sort of station - built by baby boomers for baby boomers - people like you and us.

Boom Radio plays songs you grew up with, the newer ones you've acquired a taste for - plus a few your parents enjoyed that now strike a chord.

'60s classics and '70s memories - and hidden gems!

If you're tired of the same old songs on a loop - you've come to the right place.

We hope you'll know some of our presenters already - including David Hamilton, Graham Dene, Roger Day, Judi Spiers, Nicky Horne, Diana Luke, Rob Jones, Les RossJenny Hanley, Simon Bates, Bill Bingham, Les Ross, Graham Torrington and many more. We've been around for years and it's great to rekindle our relationship with you.

Boom is not part of any large media empire - just a group of old friends with a dream, broadcasting from our own homes!

And we've now three stations. Alongside Boom Radio with '60s classics and '70s memories, you can enjoy Boom Light with beautiful easy listening and all your '50s favourites and Boom Rock with a world of rock music.

Here's how to tune-in.



How to listen

You can hear Boom Radio on DAB+ across the UK - or 'Alexa - Play Boom Radio'.

For more info - or how to find our other stations, just click the pic.



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